Top 10 Video Editing Effects

Most editing software offer a large variety of digital transitions with various effects. There are too many to list. The top video editing effects are based on clips transition, effects on clips , color replacement, fade to black, fade from black, animated effects, pixelization, focus drops, lighting effects, etc.

The Best video editing effects and video editing transitions are listed below

1. Dissolve or Crossfade Effects

The dissolve effect gradual fades the two video clips from one clips to the next, it smooth the transition together. Also make the movie fade

2. Old Movie Effects
Apply this Old Movie effect in your video which adds noise, shake and dust to your video, it gives your video an old aged look.

3. Black & White Effects
if you want to Make your movie or video in black and white color use this black and white effects to your movie. Apply the black & white effect to video clips use this effects.
4. Split Screen Effects
This Split Screen can be used to show you two videos at once in the screen.

5. Widescreen Effects
By applying Widescreen effects, it shows a black color strips at the top and bottom of the screen. It give your movie or video a Hollywood style widescreen look.

6. Fast Motion Effects
Apply the fast motion effect to the video clips. It play the clips much faster. It speed up the clips

7. Slow Motion Effects

The Slow Motion effect Slowing down a video, can be used to enhance emotional and dramatic moments. Comedy, funny moments. It play the movie in slow motion.
wedding videos.

8. Fade In and Fade Out Effects
it is called "fade to black" and "fade from black" effects.In video editing, the fade out effect is used to describe a transition effect where the video or movie is slowly disappears into a black. , the fade in effect is used to describe a transition effect where the video or movie is gradually replaced by a uniform dark area.

9. Superimpose Effects
Superimposing effects will show one video image upon another iamge, it is little tricky and powerful tool for video editing.

10. Iris Effects
This Iris effects creates a circular frame around your video.


flamestar said...

When information is given nothing should be assumed. "Fade to black" is often defined but "fade from black" is never defined. I assume it means to go from black to a scene.

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